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From Hobbies to Passion

When I started these things to learn, I was 14-15 years old and didn’t know about the power of technology. I start from basics like C, C++ and Visual Basic, I write program to prints my name on screen and sees it like a miracle. Step by step, I deep dive in technology and then I got job on these fields and and when I looks at those big software projects which are the back bone of the company then I realize what coding can do. So I try to learn more and more, it’s become my routine and then today when we hear about things like artificial intelligence, we came to know that in future this became necessary for all of us to learn about computers fundamentals, architectures whether it’s techies or non-techies. So It’s became my passion now to learn programming and through this blog I share my passion and knowledge whatever I do whatever I know, I would love to share with all of you and hope it will help you to find the answers of that questions that pumps into your mind or to help you in your personal or professional development.