Server Response Checker

If you do a lot of SEO work, you no doubt need to check the server response to the URL before, right? We used to do it regularly, and we usually had a lot of URLs to check. I couldn’t find an online tool for testing the entire collection, so I made a built-in tool.

If you work on a website that has been around for years, there may be all sorts of continuous redirects, or even 404 pages you may not be aware of, and that could hinder your good efforts.

Just paste a list of URLs here, one for each line, with no other characters, and wait. When you attach too much, it will take a long time, but in the end, it will save you a lot of time and energy.

Please paste not more than 50 URLs at a time!
Adding about 50 URLs causes the tool to crash, and you’ll get 500 server responses without results.