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What is Email Marketing and how it help my business grow

Email Marketing has been at the forefront of digital marketing strategies since email was introduced and is a very effective way to send your marketing message to a group of people by email. Having the ability to control your traffic is very important to you and your business as it gives you the opportunity to build lasting relationships with your current customer base, newsletters or new leaders who choose to sign up for more information.

As a business, understanding the value of your customer’s life enables continuous email marketing as it can lead to repeated sales thus increasing your return on Investment (ROI) while helping to promote customer loyalty by staying connected and providing value.

Why you need Email Marketing

Whether you are an online business, affiliate marketer or network marketer, real success online comes in the way of controlling your traffic and re-marketing them, more importantly, creating product awareness by providing important information such as:

  • Company Promotions
  • Offers / Discounts
  • Product presentation
  • Important News
  • Blog updates

Email marketing allows you to convey your message across your entire list with just one click of a mouse allowing quick results and no other incoming marketing strategy can compete with this other than SMS marketing. No wonder email marketing is raining down and will continue to do so for years to come.
If you have a solid email list that is reliable for your product, you should be making about $ 1 per subscriber, so if your list is solid at 10,000 you should be making $ 10,000 every month and that is why a digital marketing expert always says “The Money is in the List”.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email Marketing has been around since its inception back in 1971 when Ray Tomlinson sent the first email that led to Gary Thuerk’s first major e-mail in 1978, Marketing Manager at Digital Equipment Corp. Gary Thuerk paved the way for what we are now. known as Email Marketing and his first bulk email generated a profit of over 13 million dollars and in 1978 that is amazing as you did not have all the benefits as you do today.

Today Email Marketing has greatly improved in terms of how you market your listing. With powerful automated response tools like MNU Mailer that provides click-through, statistics, segments and statistical data to name a few, it allows for greater control over your list.

Such benefits for email marketing including:

  • It costs money. Yes, there are initial setup fees, but compared to email advertising forums marketing comes out on top for long-term availability.
  • Increase Your Company Profit. If you know your email marketing life value for your customers will bring a huge Investment return and responders automatically starting at $ 5.95 per month is a perfect idea to use an email marketing strategy.
  • It’s fast and it works well. One click allows you to send the same message to hundreds or thousands of email addresses on a website. Best of all – these people subscribed to your news, so you can have a captivated audience.
  • It is measurable. Email Marketing provides measurable results that you and your team can use to improve your marketing strategy.
  • Improves customer relationships. Staying in touch with your customers promotes product loyalty, trust and resilience.

Things you should avoid for email marketing

Quickly attracting money by email marketing brings spam senders to the frame. As mentioned earlier, you have the ability to reach a large audience with the click of a button and this amazing power brings the wrong kind of people who misuse this.

Have you ever wondered why you get so much garbage in your email account? I always receive emails from people I have never chosen to log into. Many businesses purchase email lists from other companies, bloggers etc and send them their offers. This is legal, you are allowed to purchase information from other people as the list is officially created, so this will continue to happen.

But there are bad ways people do things that you need to keep away from, why? Because this can and will cause your I.P to be blocked and fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for spam on ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

If you are looking to use email marketing strategy please stay away from these bad methods.

  1. Do not delete email lists using email scrapers – This is worse – Email account providers like Gmail, Outlook will immediately deal with this and that if your autoresponder provider does not close it. So please do not try to cheat the system you will be found out and shut down and charged.
  2. Don’t make promises you can’t keep – There are many scammers out there or you will pay a price.
  3. Do not use black hat methods to hide your I.P email – This often happens to people who use their servers and will use illegal methods to hide their server identification. Please do not do this, in the end, you will be exposed and depending on the damage you may face to a large fine or jail term.
  4. Do Not Spam – This is a major problem with email marketing. Your emails are supported by a number of bots from the ISP and email account clients such as Google, Outlook, and Yahoo. These bots scan email content to determine if your email is quality or junk. Make sure your emails are not in bad quality to avoid going directly to the trash folder and worst of all to your autoresponder provider.
  5. Do not associate copy and paste email series – This issue arises from a home based business where people simply copy and paste an email series into an automated responder. The problem with this? If 1000 people send exactly the same email, Email Account providers will accept this and will start marking this as spam. That’s why you’re starting to see more Email Service providers leaving home-based businesses because they’re starting to hurt their authority. Please create original content.

However you already have it, you now have a full understanding of email marketing that helps you set your best foot when starting your email marketing strategy.

Email marketing will deliver amazing results for you and your business over time so be sure to stick to white hat trends and give value to your email list.

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